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Imogene Pass Sequence from my trip out West...

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This was the toughest pass for me....the road itself is not extreme...actually quite fun...but incorrect jetting caused me problems and my only get off of the trip. Cool creek crossing and run up at 3:40

Awesome run along the creek....

This was the deepest and fastest flowing crossing so far.....

The asent continues...road gets rocky and narrow.... :-*

The switchbacks begin....the bikes struggles with the altitude....great mtn view in foreground at 1:45.....Creek crossing at 2:10

We reach the snow line and I start having problems.....

Running thru 10 to 20 foot snow drifts....looks and feels like we are heading to the top of the world....


The Crest! Worth the struggle......... The begining of the desent...too much fun!

Next part of the desent...we thought we were done...NOT! STEEP and loose!

Still not out but now below the tree line...cool tunnel at the end....


The desent gets steeper and rougher again....can seeTelluride to the left at the 7:30 mark....also periodic views of Bridal Veil Falls....


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Very nice ride report/video. I've been wanting to do that ride when I visit my inlaws in GJ.

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I highly recommend it!

In that area (we stayed in Ouray) you can do the Alpine Loop, Engineer, Hurricane, Corkscrew, Cinnamon, Poughkeepsie, Yankee Boy, Ophir, Imogene and Black Bear Passes.

Also a little further south is Lime Creek and Hermosa park.

We also spent two days in Moab UT......White Rim Trail, Gemmi and others.

It was a great trip!

(Video of the other passes is on my youtube channel...link below if you are interested.

Glad you enjoyed them!


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Last time I had my bike in GJ I did the monument and then went to Moab on the way home. I had my wife with me, so we did Hurrah pass and Chicken corners. White rim is my next destination in Moab.

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