Change your username?

Can you change your username? If so, what do you need to do? Does it reset your count?


I dont think TT does that it can be done, but Bryan and Steve (I THINK) dont allow it.

I just got rid of my Vmax today and it would be nice to get rid of that out of my username. I got good money out of it too. Now I just neet to decide what to do.

New XR70 maybe? :)

I tried a few months ago and no can do. Gotta reregister and become a newbie!

Your S.O.L. John.

You shoulda kept the V-max. Then you wouldn't have these problems.

Now you need to change your AOL account, your TT name....... See all the problems you have made for yourself.. :D

You should of sold it to me. I could of rode it home on my way back home from Moab next month. :D

Yea right like I had enough money to buy your bike. :)

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