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E-bikes, now Sherco!!!

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There must be something to this E-bike moment as it looks like virtually EVERYBODY is getting on board. Now Sherco of all companies!!! The KTM looks the closest to being ready to buy, I just saw a full on trials bike (not a toy) with an electric motor. While the Husky E-bikes has a wow factor it looks the least like a real effort with the goofy 2 forks on one side thing. But it seems to have momentum. The battery performance is the last stumbling block IMHO. Once they crack that issue it's on.



Full sized trails bike...


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I think they'll be good for mx, trials and flat track soon enough. But for off

road use the battery technology is there its just to expensive at this time.

And the other issue is the 200 generators running charging battery packs

at the local mx race may be an issue. I think the Ev's are going to be a

bandaid till the hydrogen technology is ready. But time will tell.

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