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What brand of rims do you have on your 450X?

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I am trying to decide on what supermoto rims (brand) I should go with for street riding.

I have some choices from Motostrano.


Does anyone have or had experience with the following brands?

1) DNA

2) Warp 9

3) Motostrano Supermoto wheels

I know I will be getting for front 17x3.5 & rear 17x4.25 size wheels, but not sure what brand to rely on.

I plan on streeting my CRF450X mostly, but maybe, just maybe some off road a bit from time to time. Just know for sure I plan to be a street tard hooligan.

So, DNA seems to be the cheapest, but I know the cheapest isn't always the best choice.

Also, if I were to choose Warp 9 how would the non-floating brake rotor hold up for my use? Or should I just plan to change to a floating rotor?

Lastly, what brand of sprockets & chain should I plan to get for street tarding?

Thanks in advance.

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Stock X chain is good stuff. Gearing is rider preference, I personally run super tall gearing not to buzz the motor too much. You can balance out the front/rear sprocket to not have to cut the chain, like 14/46 for example. For 14 or 15T front sprocket the case guard will have to either come off or get trimmed.

Wheels, maybe just call Motostrano. I think for street riding they're fine except the few I dealt with had junk bearings from the factory. Not broken just cheap crap that wears out quickly. Also remember to tighten the spokes up after you put some miles on them.

If you're re-using the stock caliper, those rotors work fine. For general street hooliganism IMHO they're good enough and you can get something better later.

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