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Will only run on Res.

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Now I know the first thought that comes to mind is "Is there enough gas in the tank?"

I was having problems with my bike last week, suspected it was vapor lock, turns out it was low on gas.

Since I have the WR400 petcock, I had to trim the knob so it would be able to be set to RES, once I did this, bike fired up and ran fine. Went to the gas station, filled up and set it back to ON. Rode about a 1/2 mile and the bike started to have the same symptoms as last time, sputtering and dying as I pull in the clutch. Opened the gas cap, didn't hear any rushing air. And just to see what would happen, I set the petcock to prime again, bike fired right up and rode fine. Took it on a 50 mile ride today with zero issues.

Do I have a faulty petcock? Or does the RES on the WR400 petcock act like the PRI setting of the OEM petcock? The angle of the fuel hose makes me wonder if it's getting pinched or not allowing fuel to pass.

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