whose good at truing wheels?

ok, now be honest. what's the best you can reasonably expect for total runnout in either direction? i mean from one extreme to the other...0.125"? 0.050"? 0.025"? better?

i've got a 21" rim on the stand right now that is a bit frustrating. i've got it to less than 0.025" of wobble (side-to-side), but about 0.050" seems to be the best i can do for roundness. i swear the thing has a flat spot in it, which i also felt when i did my 20" for my other bike. is that normal?

i run two dial indicators at once. the one for roundness is set on the edge of the rim. is that reasonable practice?

help! i need to hear the wisdom of experience.


will pattison

racer, engineer


Oh come on....I used to race mountain bikes with wheels more out of true than that.

I used to be very good at truing up a bicycle wheel, but I'm not yet skilled at the motorcycle ones...

1/8 inch seems unbelievably nitpicky to me..

'01 520SX


just put in in a lathe and CUT it round if ya don't like it! :)

no idea, try to contact DID or Excel and find out the tolerances that they allow a rim to leave the factory. you may already be at the "better" end of that limit.

Will, I trued a new rim to about .010". A used rim will have deformed edges, (flat spots) which can throw off your readings. For lateral (axial) runout, put your indicator near the corner of the rim, not the edge of the rim. For radial runout, put the indicator near the corner of the flat where the bead seats, or the top side flat of the rim.

The 01 manual says 0.08" for both, see page 5-3.

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