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91 kdx 250 or keep my 86 xr 250

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hey guys, im wanting to get some input on the kdx250s. how did they sum up? ive never rode a kdx. i know that the 200s are proven machines. but i dont hear any about the 250. anyways, i havew an xr250 now and im wondering if the kdx is abetter machine. i kow they both will need alittle suspension work for my size. anybody could give some input i'd be grateful. thanks. tony

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I've not owned those, but I've ridden both of the bikes you mentioned enough to get a feel for them.

The XR is physically smaller and the power feels smooth and harmless.

The handling feel of the bike is well-suited to tighter going, as is the power output.

The suspension is pretty soft, intended for trail use.

A close riding buddy rode a 1987 model (practically identical to your 1986 model) for a few years, so I got to know the bike pretty well.

Personally, I always felt the bike lacked some low-end thumpity torque compared to the previous generation of non-RFVC XR-250Rs from 1981 and 1982, although the bike definitely was smaller, more compact, and lighter.

The 1991-1994 KDX-250 was actually a dual-purpose bike sold overseas, stripped of it's street lighting and instrumentation, and sold here as an off-road bike to compliment the KDX-200.

Compared to the 1986 XR-250R, it's physically larger, feels bigger, and has noticably more power, snap, and get-up-and-go.

The power is also pretty smooth, combined with the typical 2-stroke snap when you want it - a pretty good compromise.

It's not as quick as a full-on 2-stroke 250cc motocross bike of the same time period, but it will run away from the XR-250R given the terrain and space to do so.

By the way, the 1991-1994 KDX-250 shares little with any KDX-200, in case you were wondering.

It is it's own design.

In my opinion, if you're a bigger guy and/or looking for a dirt bike with more snap and acelleration, the KDX an't too bad as long as it's not a P.O.S.

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You may also want to pm a member here called chokey (?) He is a kdx 250 master and would definitely steer you in that direction. You'll get a much stronger motor in the kdx, but there's not a huge weight descrepancy between the xr and the kdx, as the green bike's a bit of a porker too for a 2-smoke. You'll get better suspension in the kdx, but the front may still need a re-spring. Never owned one, nor have I owned an xr 250, but have ridden several. I find them to be fine bikes for putting around trails and doing some light enduro work. I wouldn't put the xr in the same class as the kdx 250. One's for play, the other can go out and win a harescramble in the right hands.

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