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TS 400 throttle

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Have a 1976 TS400 and I am at a loss on the throttle cable.

When I got the bike, the previous owner handed me the carburetor for the bike.

So I went to install it and I don't know how

The handle bars has push pull cables ( they look stock)

One cable goes to down and splits, 1 side goes to the carb and the other side goes to the oiler. (I got that, but there are issues I will address later )

I have no idea where the second cable goes, it has a screw end like it should go into threads, but I am at a loss as to where.:lol:

So on the one cable that splits has a short end and a long end.

There is no way to adjust the legs separately.

The original cable was frayed, so I went ahead and sent it to Motion Pro to make me an exact replica.

I got it back and went to install it and it seems wrong. It has the short leg going to the oiler which leaves the long end to attach to the carb (that really looks backwards, but it's the only way the ends are right) I looked at the original cable and it is the same.

The problem comes in with the carb cable leg being too long. It causes the cable to slide back into the spliter, so when you twist the handle the card doesn't move.:)

If anyone has one and could snap a picture or just explain how this goes, I would be forever in their debt.

I do have a manual, but it really is very poor when it comes to this. It doesn't show a push pull throttle at all.

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Thank you ThumperTalk OEM Parts Store! Both carb cables tie into the carb behind the plate that gasket number 31 seals. The "third" longer cable leg goes to your oil injection pump.

So one more time: the one short "single" cable goes to the carb, and the split cable has one leg going to the carb and the other leg going to the oil injection pump.


Cool looking bike ('76 TS400)


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