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RM250 differences.....or consider Husky wr250?

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Hi all,

I'm in the market for a 2T motocross or enduro type bike.....

I have considered a 4T bike, but I can't afford a new one, and it seems there is potentially more to go wrong, with more expense when it comes to maintenance.

Now, there is a 2002 rm250 for sale, that is road registered, for a reasonable price, however, from the research I've done, it looks like an older model.....(has a square swing arm, 2002> have a kind of tapered swing arm?)

What are the differences between the model years?

There is also a 2004 husqvarna wr250 for sale too, road registered. Should I consider this? What are they like?

I feel that part supply is better for the main stream brands in the UK, I have no experience of husqvarna, but do of Suzuki/honda stuff.

Many thanks!

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i ride an rn250 awesome bike for the woods with a fww

huskywr250 is a great bike too, easy to fix as most 2 strokes are and handles great

either way good bikes

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