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How should I perform change over from Semi Syn. oil to Rotella 15-40 oil???

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Hi all,

I'm new here so I hope this is the proper place to post this question....

I've been lurking here for sometime about the discussion about various oils and changing intervals and I am not in any way trying to start a conflict about oil brands and wt's by any means....

I recently purchased an '06 KX 450f with aprox. 42 hrs. on her. The bike is just trail and pleasure ridden. The question's I had are regarding the crankcase oil and time between interval's due to the kind of riding I do. The oil that has been used is Silkoleen 10-40 wt. Semi Synthetic and I would like to change to Rotella 15-40 due to the fact it's easier for me to get my hands on and have read that people are having good results w/ it. I would like to know if anyone would know if I can just change it over to the Rotella without any particular process or should I go about this in another way? How often should I change it? :lol:

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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no particular way just switch over and if you mix a little its not going to hurt anything....i only used the sight glass for a quick visual check but never rely on it for accurate oil level....just put in what the manual states and your good to go...i would dump it at 6-7 hour intervals...you will get a lot of opinions on oil related questions...good choice on oil btw....good luck and im sure your going to really like the bike...oh and i change the filter every other change...

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