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Needed a bike for the Wife......

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Yowza All,

This started when I decided the wife might have to start with something smaller than the TL250 that I originally picked up for her. Kept the TL for later as she becomes more accustomed to the displacement. She's rode in the past but that was over a 2 decades ago.

First thing I noticed was the lack of small displacement bikes in the "used" category. The numbers of sub-200cc dirt bikes being sold is far smaller than it was in the 70's. Pesronal observations have noticed that kids would rather pony up the extra money for a 250 as it's not that much more.

The original idea was to get her into a smaller displacement with "full-size" wheels, in otherwords, 21" front and 18" rear so the transition wouldn't feel too strange.

Originally wanted a TL125, but those seem to be rare as hen's teeth. Yes, they are out there but not for what I'm willig to pay.

Found a pair of Honda 125's, a CL and a CB for $100.00. Neither ran and one was seized. Managed to get both running, decided to use the CL as it had both a tach and speedo and it didn't have a disc brake.

Pulled the engine and ended up going .010 over on the piston along with new rings and a gasket set. Honest to God, I used to thrash these things when I was younger and less respectful of mechanical things. The inside of these engines are reminiscent of Swiss watches. Sent cylinder and head assembly out to be bead blasted as the clear coat was in rough shape.

Originally thought the Honda CL's were a 19" front with an 18" rear rims. Decided to go another way, more on this later.

Decided the frame could use some paint, so it was stripped and painted. About that time, one of the numerous kids in the neighborhood scrapped an old RM125. The engine had been beyond repair so he managed to get inventive and stuffed an old XL250, the one with the carb on the side, into the frame. While crudely welded, he had enough penetration to make it safe. He had run this for about a year until he did something to the engine and scrapped it. I decided it might have a use.

The rear wheel assembly was used. The 18" rim and sprocket would not originally fit the Honda's swingarm so the swingarm was lengthened by an inch to accomadate the "new" rim and tire.

This left the front rim. The RM had a 21" but it did not appear to be an easy swap. Decided to make a new spindle an utilize the RM125's triple fork clamp. Now the bike is starting to take shape rim/tire wise.

The CL now has 12" plus of ground clearance. Most likely going to utilize the skid plate from the 250.

Gearing is waaaaay to low as the Honda's rear sprocket was 40 teeth and the RM's was 80 teeth. I'm not into small countershaft sprockets as they wear the chain excessively so the rear sprocket is going to be changed in the future.

The last test ride found third fourth and fifth gears usable but definitely not a lot of top end. First is useful............................if you're in a parade, a very very slow parade.

Meant to post these a while ago but didn't. When I get the fenders and seat and tank combination finalized, those will also be posted. Not sure if I'm using the pipe as I might bend a new one to put it out the other side by passing through the frame behind the engine.

Pictures below show the TL250 and then the modified CL125.

Pictures can be seen on Photobucket http://photobucket.com/CL125

Good Health to All, Bob Lovell

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I would think if she has rode any at all it will come back to her pretty quick. The TL 250 is no power house. Has low a low seat, and not to heavy. I will be willing to bet that your wife will have a pretty fast learning curve. As a Dad and Husband who has tried to keep 2 daughters and my wife in bikes for the last 15 + years, the only real advice I can give buy them something they can grow into. Our girls started at the ages of 3, now 19 and 17, so we have had a few. ( still have).

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