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1980 Yamaha TT500G XT500G test.

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Dirt Bike. November 1980. Yamaha TT500G XT500G test.

Ok, so I posted up a Suzuki DR370 test earlier, I now have to balance it up against a later Yamaha TT ? XT test !


I have to say, I have really enjoyed doing these scans. It has given me the opportunity of looking back at some of the best bikes made in my opinion.

These older Dirt Bike tests have a little more humor than the current crop. The writing in the newer magazines seems a bit sterile, somewhat like the bikes they are testing !

Dave R

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That was great to see. :lol:

I had bought so many Dirt Bike and Motocross Action maagazines from back in those days that I literally had towers of them around the house.

Since those glory days, I've only bothered to buy the occasional magazine if an article or test catches my eye.

As soon as Super Hunky left, around 1985, it didn't seem the same.

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