Time-Sert group buy?

Since we're talking about how we as the consumer dictate companies in the "Levis' leaving USA" post in the OT forum....

ANyone interested in a possible group purchase of Time-Serts?

www.timesert.com for more information.

They are fabulous thread repair kits. MUCH better than heli-coils. The whole kit contains a kit box, tap, drill, counterbore, and time-sert setting tool, and some time-serts. I don't know exactly how many 'serts come in the kit, but I want to find out.

You SHOULD have a tap wrench, which you can buy at a sears for a few bucks. I get away with a Porter-Cable drill with clutch.

There are multiple sizes available, and the most common size is the M6x1.0. This is every 8mm head bolt you use on the bikes (ALL manufacturers).

You can get bigger sizes to fix a stripped out drain plug to OEM specs, or smaller sizes for everyday repairs elsewhere!

I don't know what kind of cost reduction we would get, I'm just looking at gathering information as to what kind of kits, and how many of what kind - FOR A POSSIBLE ORDER.

I know I'd like (1 - M6x1.0), and (1 - M12x1.5) kit.

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