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Headlight protector/grille for the Trailtech 7" Baja Light

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Guys, I was in here asking for some protection for my light but didn't much like the options I got so one day I started searching around and found these grilles for speakers that would work.

They come in several sizes and I had the option of putting one on INSIDE the frame and just covering the headlight and the flat frame that it's mounted to which meant drilling holes or get a bigger one that would simply attach to the outside of the frame. I chose the bigger one and here are the results.

I thought about putting it straight or diagonally (the grill pattern) but decided that straight would look better. This is made of thin metal (I checked with a magnet as I thought it was plastic) and the outside of the ring is covered with some soft rubbery material so it shouldn't do any damage to the frame.

I personally think the light looks better without the grille but again, there's the protection and the light isn't cheap.

Here is the thread about the light itself and where I got it and note that this is the modified version that takes a regular H4 bulb giving you hi and lo beams.

The light is super cool and the frame very nice and thick and the red knob lets you adjust the angle in seconds.

My high beam now is 130w which is great. Low beam isn't much better than my Trailtech x2 (For sale/blue) but the high beam is killer AND, I can still go higher (to 165watts).

Here is the thread about finding something to cover the light with.

Anyway, here are the pics. I haven't tested the light output at night with the grille so we'll see if there is much difference.

















Note that I also have one more of the 10" (outside diameter) grilles I can ship for $12 (CONUS). If you want it, pm me. First come...

Comments, questions?

George :lol:

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Thanks. Straight on and from a distance, it doesn't look so cool but from the side or close up, it looks much better :lol:

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It seems that the grille doesn't block the light much or anything at all. I was out riding last night and although I was just on the highway, it seemed to put out as much light as it did before, therefore, this should be even less of an issue in the dark woods, ESPECIALLY if you put a powerful bulb in there (I think mine might be 130w on high beam)


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