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2005 DR-Z400S Problems, Bar End question

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Broken Magneto Cover


Broken Tail Light


Broken Clutch Lever


I was making a really tight U-Turn in an asphalt parking lot and I dropped it. I was going probably one to two miles an hour.

What parts can I get to prevent this from happening again?

I like to use bar ends as a way to take a portion of my hand off the throttle so I have more control. Otherwise, I have to lock every single muscle in my right arm with 10,000 pounds of force to not roll the throttle like crazy. The bar ends that came with the bike keep moving around all the time. Any suggestions for a robust set of bar ends? I was thinking of using some 5/8" sleeve anchors that normally go in concrete.

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try a real set of hand guards, that would take care of the levers and bars. your going to want to invest in some case guards for the engine cases. and now that you have a reason to buy a new taillight id go for the drc edge and some mini led blinkers

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The blinker was gone no matter what, and if personal preference prevents you from installing wrap around hand guards then your only choice is to buy a spare clutch and brake lever and keep them in your tool kit. But a set of engine covers would have made it possible to at least ride it home.

Let the ThumperTalk store be your friend:


Leave the concrete bolts in your patio. :lol:

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