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Fork tools

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To do the job efficiently you need the following (aside from assorted metric wrenches and a vice):

Fork Cap Wrench

Fork Seal Driver

Damper Holder

Fork Seal Bullet

However, You can still do the job without said tools. I made my own Damper Holder tool (or you can use I believe a 13 mm wrench). For the fork Cap wrench, I have an adjustable wrench that works. And for the fork seal drivers, I just use an old inner seal cut in half. For the Fork Seal Bullet, I just use the corner of a zip lock bag, greased or oiled.

With that being said, I would recommend using Honda OEM seals, fork seal grease (both Pro Circuit and Race Tech sell it through various vendors), and Maxima Fork Oil (preferably the blue labeled 5wt bottle). The Honda HP5 works well too.

I'd also make sure to clean everything well. You can use brake cleaner, but do not get it on any seals. I would also make sure you change the inner chamber fork oil, and make sure you do a good job bleeding the air out. If you decide to push your damper rod through the inner chamber, make sure you wrap the threads with a couple wraps of teflon tape so you don't cut the seal.

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