Those europeans!!!!

Was watching some sort of motorcycle news today on T.V. I was watching a 125 GP. The guys were racing in the mud. I SWEAR! they sit down sooo much, elbows down, horrible body position! and not one of them was fast. i mean i coulda got out there on a xr100 and put them to shame. and the track had no jumps. it was crazy! is it just the level of competition in america is so high, that a normal guy could go over to europe, and be fast? cause i mean i looked like Tim Ferry, compared to those guys. whats up with that?


I'll call the AMA and submit your name for the MX Des Nations team. :)

Yeah right, thebirds.gif

that's why Grant Langston (current world champ) is whipping every yankee ass in sight. And don't forget Mike Brown learnt his trade over here as well, can't see any of your boys hanging with him either. We'll see how good your guys are on a real track at the mx des nations, Namur this year, I'll be there cheering our boys on. arms.gif

BBR guy,

Have you forgotten the key elements to riding fast?

If you're fast you can ride in any elements :D

I know the guys don't look fast but they are just ask the guys that try and beat them year after year.

Come the MXDN's I'll be cheering for the Aussies!! Whatch out for them, cause they'll sneak up on you.


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)

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