edlebrock, bought one, tell me why I shouldn't!!!!

That's right, I reached my limit trying to tune the Keihnin, I know it's possible but not for me.. Anyone want to buy a FCR39MX Keihnin carb, Yamaha price is $855.00, make me an offer.. It even has James Dean needles and a powernow (which really does work).. :):D

I don't want to buy it but sure would love to hear a ride report with your new plumbing.

Post it for sale on the Suzuki Side.

Some of those guys are dying to get rid of there CV junk carbs.

Good luck with the Edel.


I want a report on the Edelbrock? How much, how does it work? I'm anxious to hear your feedback. :)

endurodog, I'll let you know how it works as soon as I get it on and tried. I'm going to try a crf 450 carb that James sent me too. I think the edlebrock will work though.. The crf carb is just a test but if it's very sucessful I may go with it.. :):D Jim

Had ABSOLUTELY no problem with my 03WR carb....she freakin rips! I'll give you $50 so I have a spare, including shipping :D:).....;8^P

mine rips too!!! I just wish it would start to idle faster than 30 seconds and would keep running for a while when it is idleing, There is certainly nothing wrong with the power my bike produces, but I want to try the edlebrock, I've heard good reports. And I've got some good ideas where you can store your $50...... :D:)

i owuld keep the kehin on the shelf.you will be needing it soon.

i owuld keep the kehin on the shelf.you will be needing it soon.

Burned do you say this cause you have tested it? If so what was your impression??

lets just say ive removed more than ive installed.some people love them.lets just hope this is one of those times.im just saying dont sell the fcr until your sure. :)

burned, thanks for the advice, I was going to do that anyway though.. I was born at night but not last night.. I'm into the show me thing. Jim :D:)

More money than sense !! :)

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