06 450 winter rebuild?

Here is my deal. In july I bought an 06 450, all stock, in amazing condition. An older gentlemen owned it and bought it new. He said the motor has never been opened up, not even valve adjustments. It starts great and runs even better I have had no issues with it. I love the reliability of the bike and want it to stay that way for all of next season. Just wondering how far i should go with a rebuild or if I should not even bother with it. I change oil every two hours and clean the air filter after every ride. I just need some advice on what to do to the engine, if anything to keep it in the shape its in.

Thanks, Matt

The only thing I would do as far as the motor is concerned is check the valves unless you've put a ton of hard hours on it since July.

a new cam chain is cheap preventative maintenance.

I would for sure put a new timing chain in and check the valves...other than that you should not have anything to worry about unless it has a ton of hours on it.

An older gentlemen owned it and bought it new.

HAHA I know an older gentlemen back home..... Well lets just say that he puts more and harder miles on bikes than anybody I know.... :lol:

Check your valves do a leak down test and run it. Keep up on the maitenance oil, air filter, good fuel (IE not the new ethanol crap.... put some additive in it or buy non Ethanol)....

My 06 is all stock in the topend. I put a WR crank in it and put it back together with the original parts (not to be recomended) But it has probably 150-200 hours on it still runs fine I'm going to take it back apart this winter and put a 470 kit in it and I'll throw a new cam chain in it and check the valves.... but generally speaking yamahas will treat you nice if you treat it nice.

Check out Grayracers stickies there are a few mods that are worth doing like the oil filter passage block off.


Like mentioned above, check valves, replace timing chain and reroute the breather hose into the air box.

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