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2004 CRF250x Starter Relay Replacement

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Hi all,

I bought this bike used with a dead taillight. The e-start was soon too go, and replacing the battery did not fix this. I know there are tons of electrical issues with the X for the early years. The main fuse was blown, but replacing it didn't work. Using alligator clips I was able to make the starter turn over. I believe I've traced my problem down to the starter relay.

From another website, I've seen some people replacing the fuse with an automotive relay from a parts shop for $10. They don't list any other info so I thought I'd ask here. My relay appears to be a normal relay modified by Honda with the main fuse holder and other connections (I know the Honda part is one unit). I took my relay down to Autozone, but they couldn't find anything. Does anyone have a part number?

Any info or links are appreciated.


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