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Suzuki appraisal help

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Hey guys, like the title says I need some help appraising my 2008 Suzuki Ozark 250. I am looking to sell it or possibly trade it for a dirt bike and I am coming to you guys for some help on how much to list it for.

Let me tell about the bike, its a 2008 model one owner bought new, it doesn't have a lot of hours on it but i cannot give you guys an exact number because it doesn't have an hour meter on it but if I were to guess I would put it somewhere around 15-20 if that. I can tell you that the oil has been changed once, but not by a dealership. Before I sell it I am going to change it again to give the buyer a a fresh oil change.

Now I have looked up the KBB value of the bike, they valued it at $2345. But it always seems that KBB is inaccurate. I am just looking for a second opinion and I am willing to bet you guys are more knowledgeable than KBB.

If there is anything more that you guys need just ask.

Thanks in advance.

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