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Some Race Results 2011

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Here in East Texas area there are too many races at too many tracks to catch them all. Most of these overalls are just random races I went to. A few of them are series I ran and 4 of these are Ponca and Loretta qualifiers that I ran just because they were close, and I think I won all 4. I'll be posting more boring stuff while I nurse my new 4 peice collarbone. :lol:

1st place = 10

2nd place = 11

3rd place = 15

4th place = 5

5th place = 3

There are a few not listed because I didn't make the top 5 or they didn't trophy beyond 3rd place. But I have fun even in my worst finishes. Thanks for listening

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Although I race or ride every weekend and somtimes during the week, I always sign up for 2-3 classes. So yes 44 as far as races, but about half that as far as events. It's great being old with grown kids and a willing wife. :lol::)

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