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What should I ask? RM250 and CR125...I need a newer 125 smoker

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I have two bikes I need to get rid of and just pick up an 07 or 08 125.......I have:

2001 RM250 with 25 hours on it since a full frame up rebuild and 10 on the motor. Enough spare parts to do the clutch, main bearings, rebuild the rod, a spare piston, rings, gaskets, oil, extra plastic, and some misc hardware. Bike is mostly stock except a tall seat, bars, hand guards, and a pro circuit pipe and silencer. It is in good condition for a 2001...I'd say about 7/10 overall. I was hoping for $1800 but realistically I feel like $1600 would be more suitable.

I have a 2003 CR125. It does not run. I bought a new piston kit and gaskets for it which are not installed. I had the cylinder honed and it is ready to be put on. The head still needs work and the carb will need taken apart and cleaned. I have $1150 invested in this bike. It does not have a title with it. Would I be better off just selling it for $750 as is or puting the $150 into having the head fixed and carb rebuilt and trying for $1000 or better.? Tires are new and it has some small stuff like a skid plate/ fmf pipe and silencer/ hand guards and some cool bling parts.

I need to either pay off my KTM (I owe $5000 on it still) Or try to get about $2500 out of both of these together give or take and pick up a clean 07+ 125 smoker.... ideas?

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I would probably go with a nice 06+ yz125. They are awesome bikes with a good, powerful motor.

My buddy is about 180-190lbs and he flys on his 09. Flys past 450s and everybody. But remember its all the rider too.

The reason why i say stock with 06+ for the yz125 is because 06 was the first year for the KYB SSS suspension. The SSS is very very plush and its so smooth. And also in 07 I believe yamaha added a titanium rear spring as well.

To tell you the trust from year 05 and up you will be more than satisfied with.

Thanks and god bless!!!


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