yz400/yz426 differences

Hi everybody, I was just wondering what the main differences are between the yz400 and the 426. How can I tell by looking at them?

I have noticed that the discs are bigger on 426's as well as the placement of the swingarm pivot.

I'm sure that the other guys will come up with a few other things the are very noticable.

If you go to your local Yamaha dealer they may be able to help you with the frame numbers of the 400's and the 426's.

I hope this helps..


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)

Hi, my first entry to TT. What I look for is the rads, they are black on the 400's and silver on the 426's. Hope that helps.


Although the 426 is a more refined model than the 400 if you find a good clean used one you can save big time. For most of us there will not be a great gain in spending the extra bucks for a brand new one. The 2003 model will have more changes. I rode a 426 over the weekend for a lap or two and was relieved to get back on my '99 400 ( now 420 ) Thye bike I tried was poorly maintained and felt slow compared to mine. I think that maintenance will have a greater impact on performance over time than one or two year model changes.

I have owned a 99 400 and currently own an 01 426 and noticed a huge difference. The power delivery is significantly different the 400 was very smooth from bottom to top, the 426 comes on hard at the crack of the throttle and pulls much harder. It feels like it has less up top but I think that is due to the stronger bottom. I was surprised how much stronger the 426 felt when I switched. I also rode the 400 again after getting used to the 426 and noticed the same thing. I do think the 400 is easier to ride but if you can use the power the 426 is faster. I also thought the 426 felt lighter but that could just be because it was new and everything was tight. The 426 also turns a bit better, you can feel the difference when switching beween the bikes. The 400 is more forgiving and easier to ride but the 426 is more rewarding to a faster or more agressive rider.

That said you will get used to what you ride and most people can't use everything either of these bikes has to offer. You can go just as fast on either bike. I have passed 400s on my 426 and passed 426's on my 400, I have also been passed on both bikes(but I don't like to talk about it;-)).

I like the 426 better but that is probably because it is newer and I prefer the strong bottom end power. Besides I sold my 400 and bought this one so I have to like it.


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