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DRZ400 with YZ426 carb...

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I wrote this under fuel forum but haven't heard from anyone, then thought this may be a better place to put it:

I have a 00 DRZ400S with an 02 YZ426 fcr-mx carb. I was able to use the oem “S” boots but the installation is difficult (airbox side carb bell could be longer I think) and throttle housing rubs the frame when it's level. The stock DRZ400S cables fit if you turn the bent one up. I can't use the petcock reserve (no vacuum to connect to.) Cams are hotcams degree'd to suggested spec. Stock top end. E model header, YZ250F exhaust (Dimensions similar Yosh RS3) with a 6” sealed mid pipe to mate the two. I have some parts not installed: “E” model sub-frame, “E” air-box, no boot for it, and “E” CDI. So far I have found the following jetting from TT:

426 stock air jets are all the same as what was suggested

MJ 160 or 165

Needle EMN or EMR

Piot 45 or 50

My conditions:

Elevation 1500-4000 (mostly 1500)

Temp: 50-115 f (Pheonix AZ, several months over 110)

I notice that I have to jet 2 times per year for the temp and fuel, when it gets cold they add alcohol, when it's hot they back off alcohol. It is noticeable, I go from bogging to detonating(rich/lean). I hear its upwards to 27% in winter.

Riding type: Hard packed dirt, with sand and loose shale on top, whooped out rocky trails, and baby head size rock ravines, the worst of the worst. I need it to hit power when I want it, but not stall when in technical low speed stuff.

Here's my questions:

What baseline jets/needles would you recommend, including one up and down for each so I can dyno tune?

Are the “S” model boots sufficient, or do I use something else?

If not, are there Sudco p/n's for boots?

Is the wire mod or taffy mod recommended and do yo have a link to that mod if needed?

What is your impression of the Quickshot 3 by boyesen? Band-aid?

I know this is a big post, so thanks all for your patience and input.

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