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Marchesini front wheel fitting problem

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Has anyone had problems fitting a front marchesini on their drz400sm?

I can't get the bloody thing to fit right. The disk rubs on the right side of the caliper and the whole assembly seems to be narrower causing me to run out of thread on the axle nut before everything is seated up properly.

The left side spacer that was installed will not allow the speedo drive to fit over it meaning I have to remover the space to get the speedo drive to seat. Also the spacer seems to hit the shoulder against the outer rim of the bearing before the inner part has seated inside the inner spacer.

Hope that makes sense.

Anyone got a clue?

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Suzuki sm nut 123, i think you are right but its the installed spacer on that side that wont allow the speedo drive to seat in far enough.

From what i can see the spacer is the wrong one because a) it does not locate inside the internal spacer like the other side of the wheel and :lol: this is because the shoulder on the spacer is hitting the inner steel ring of the bearing before it has pushed into the internal spacer, because that shoulder is too tall (wrong spacer)

If anyone has a picture of a spacer from their wheel it might help me know for sure what the problem is.

Ill try to get some pics of my set up posted

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