RAce Gas

I wanted to try and run it in the W. Its 110 Octane. Is that gonna be bad for the bike? Thanks

These bikes are designed to run on 95 or higher octane. To save you money, I run half pump gas and half 110.

:D :D :D:):D

A 4-stroke LOVES race-gas....I 1st tried race gas ~15 years ago and I haven't looked back! If you want the absolute best , most CONSISTANT performance from your bike, especially a thumper, it's the only way to go. You can jet leaner, and it doesn't change seasonaly. Pump gas is formulated for the season and location....some big cities require oxygenated fuels that don't work well in bikes, compared to their non-oxygenated counterparts.

My bikes go a LOT longer between rebuilds with race gas, as well as making better power consistantly..... :D

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