wanted - wheels for XR 650L

looking for a used set of OEM or aftermarket wheels; paying well

hehe thanks, but I said paying well, not crazy - I was in on that auction; - no offense but $300+ for a used wheel is a bit high. Yes I know what new OEM's and aftermarket wheels cost but I've done my research on used ones and I have a limit on what I'm willing to pay.

wow; them wheels sold for over $600; nice for you, but that's crazy too much! why are people bidding so high on dinged up used wheels for the XR650L all of a sudden? I was prepared to pay $500 and that's even high.. ah well

Try building a set of wheels with stock Honda parts. I did and it cost me $600 each. I just bought a set of used DRZ wheels for $600. The hubs alone are $300+. Keep looking on E-Bay :)

eBay is crazy like that; I know.. been shopping there for four years. Not uncommon for a rear wheel to go for $250 last week (as one did), and then another one go for over $350 this week - I just don't get why someone would pay that much for used, dinged wheels (the front wheel had a big ding; even though it was straightend, the wheel sold for almost $300)

For a few hundred more you can buy a NEW set of Excel wheels fully laced, trued and much higher quality then stock (lighter, stronger, cooler looking etc.) - heck, I've even seen good used Excel wheels go for less then that on eBay..

I just don't get it.

I guess it boils down to supply and demand. If you don't pay for a used wheel you have to buy new and that cost $$$. Wheels for a DRZ is even worse. Now if it wasn't a dual sport bike they would be a dime a dozen. I was told by my buddy that he picked up new KTM wheels for about $350 each. :)

Got a '04 XR650L - I may have my OEM's available "when" my motard wheels arrive. I said "when"...whew... Shoot me an offer... THX

I have a set of '88 Honda NX650 wheels/tires for sale

e-mail me @ rbolten@ev1.net

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