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cr125 fouling prob.

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hey people, sorry ive posted this here. it prolly should over in the intake area. im still kind trying to get this whole carb stuff down so please... bear with me.

my kids bike has developed a fouling prob. this what is giong on. the bike was running great during the summer, carb jets 165/50 on 2nd clip pos.

Since it has dropped about 25 degrees or so, i thought i needed to rejet, even thou it was still running fine, no fouling or anything.

so we went to 168/55 on 3nd clip. first startup after rejet, it ran for about a minute and it fouled.

back in the garage it goes, i fugured i went too rich, pulled carb and put the 50pj back in. new plug and were good to go. i thought. Frustrated dont know which way to go.:lol:

So now, when we go to a HS or just riding i just make sure i have an extra plug, it usually fouls when its warming or shortly after. but never during the ride or out in the woods wether or not we stop 50 times or not.

I Dunno maybe it's just time for a topend. Compression is still Above 150, and it only had 165 at time of rebuild. Lower end is new too, less than 40 hrs.

Maybe i should just change a back to the jetting it did so well at? i just dont want it to be lean and..... what do you guys think?? thanks in advance

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hi mate

i bought a 07 cr125 about 8 months ago and right off the bat i was fouling plugs like crazy !

After alot of research i fount out that it wasnt the size of the just but the tape of the throttle needle.

I bought a JD jetting kit, installed it and havent had a problem since!

follow this guys instructions, go to about the 3 minute mark and watch from there, see if ur problem is the same as this guys was having.

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i had a cr125 06 i bought new and that drove me crazy..plugs fouled constantly....eventually i realized it wasnt the jets but the needle..i found i think a 05 or 03 needle worked a treat and i was running on av gas by then as the cr liked lead in the petrol

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