Thinking about buying a 2004 YZ 450

So I am wanting a bike again and have considered just about every size and type out there. I have raced more successfully on Yamaha 250Fs when I raced, and have a comfort level with the ownership and care of YZ-Fs. I found a very clean-looking 2004 YZ 450 right here in my hometown, owned by a guy who once was my neighbor. Bike appears stock and has Pro-Action suspension with heavier springs, as well as the stock springs with the bike. I can get it for $2000, which I think is a good price. Only minor concern is the when I took it for a brief ride down the street and back (it was night and raining) the engine rpm would hang up and not return to idle quickly when I pulled in the clutch to stop. Also, the owner had it idled quite high. He should know better. I rolled the idle knob one way and it settled into a lower idle speed, making me wonder if he was trying to mask something about the motor. What could be causing the rpm hang-on deal? He claims to have ridden only 3 times all year and says that a good carb cleaning is all the bike needs. I recall him being a good guy, so I should trust him. Does this sound like a good deal or one I should walk away from? Thanks for your replies.

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Hanging idle is most often a symptom of lean idle mixture. This can be a direct result of having the bike sit too long and letting fuel dry in the carb, forming a varnish deposit in the pilot jet that may need to be physically cleared. It could be an air leak, an hot start not closing, or, it can be caused by tight or leaking intake valves.

On a more general note, the '04 YZ450 was a much different animal than a YZ250F of similar vintage. The big bike is not at all as nimble as it's little brother, and although they are a great bike in their own way, they might as well be from two different families. If it were me, I'd look at an '06 or newer, if only for the suspension improvements. The stock '06 was better than 97% of the best revalved '04's.

Then again, it depends on the price, and what you like.

The 04 has a 4 speed gear box that many hated. Especially if you wanna ride anything other than moto

The 04 has a 4 speed gear box that many hated. Especially if you wanna ride anything other than moto

Love my 04, this is the only thing.

If you do decide to get it, really focus on getting the suspension dialed in, it makes a lot of difference with riding, and you'll be a lot faster. Look for simple problems to bring price down(Oh I noticed the rims are bent, ill give you 1800) etc. Got mine for 1800. Only problem with it when I got it was $200 of registration fees in cali, and leaking forks. So yes, if nothing else is wrong, 2000 sounds like a stellar deal.

I've owed mine for several years now, and it really is a great bike. The only downside is the 4 speed trans. It's no problem on the track, but for general offroading, I often wish for that 5th gear. I can't complain about the handling, but it does feel top heavy compared to the newer ones. It's a great playbike, but I would go newer if I planned any serious racing. mostly for the better suspension and better balance.

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