08 yz450 question

its got 350 hours on it.. i ride and race woods.. so its not totally gettin romped on... but the crank and bearings? think its time to change? or can it get another season out of it?



Got a coin?

Stuff like that's impossible to predict, unfortunately.

yeah thats what i figured..



Just for curiosity, what have you replaced on your motor to get so many hours?

ie Timing chain every x hours, valves replaced at x, piston replaced at x

Thanks in advance


valves are all stock.. never touched them in the 350 hours.. i checked them a few times.. but they were perfect.. the guy i got the bike from..at 100 hours changed piston and rings.. not 100% if he changed timming chain or not.. i cant remember.. i have all the paperwork in storage.. since then.. i havent done anything... changed oil every other ride.. clean airfilter.. oil filter every 4 rides.. i could prolly get another season out of it.. at least another 100 hours.. but turkey day i went riding.. as soon as i started her up... she was back firing.. wouldnt stay at idle.. so either hot start messed up.. i did have an issue with it sticking.. or a clogged jet.. anywho.. if it wasnt for that.. i wouldnt be tearing her apart..




Thanks for the reply. I maintain mine about the same as you but only raced desert once and mx twice, other than that mostly trails. Per hour meter I've got about 115 hours on my 08 and it seems as crisp as the day I bought it. Nice to know its probable to go another 250 hrs before changing the ring and piston. Hope you find the problem with the backfiring. Sounds like you know what you're doing so I won't throw out obvious suggestions that you probably already know. Have a good one, Dave

no problem.. my buddy had on 08.. just b4 he sold it.. i took it for a lil ride.. can def tell the difference with compression.. its not as tight or crisp.. but hell.. its a 450.. how much power do you need in the woods..lol

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