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CR250 vs. YZ250??

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Last summer I picked up a 01 CR250 that had the piston skirt broken off and needs the bent radiators replaced, I still haven't done any work to the bike. I will most likely be able to start putting money into the CR after the first of the year and hope to have it running before March. I just finished a trade in which I got a 02 YZ250 that is in really good condition other than front wheel bearings needing replaced.

The only ridding that I do is woods/trail riding. Would one of these bikes be better suited for my type of ridding over the other?

I will be keeping both bikes, but will only be able to have the suspension setup for one of them right now due to funds and maybe have funds for the other bike's suspension in the fall. What are your thoughts on the bike to do the suspension to first?

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