Fast idle - '02 WR426

A bit of a long story here, but bear with me. I didn't start my bike for a few months and had trouble starting it. Removed the carb and found it was starting to get gummed up. Disassembled it, making sure to clean the jets and passages. It started better and ran OK but the idle was fast and it wouldn't respond to any changes in the idle adjustment screw. I noticed it would leak fuel a bit if it sat for a few minutes. Replaced the float valve which corrected the fuel leak (dried/cracked o-ring). Now, it starts easily, idles fine and runs well, but it still idles fast. If I rev the engine, sometimes the idle will drop to its normal speed but it won't stay. Any suggestions?

check the fuel mix screw. there is a little o-ring up there too, below that a washer and a spring. they gotta be in in that order. if they are OK, put it back together and adjust the mixture screw. There is alot "how to's" around here. here is one of them

Is the hotstart plunger hanging up, or open I should say, causing it to run a little lean? Manaic

Thanks for the help. I'm going to check the assembly of the fuel mix screw first (thanks Rasmus), then I'll go through the procedures you guys listed.

Maniac, I checked, and the hot start is working normally.

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