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KTM 200 question

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Couple of questions for KTM gurus here

First off, What I have to work with, I had to unload my 530 a few months

ago and I really miss that thing.

So, long story short, I picked up this 06 200 on the cheap, Its turning

into quite a fun project



Here is a vid I shot of the bike yesterday, Lucky me, I can ride right from

my front gate

Question, Someone mentioned the other day about installing a hand break

to control the rear wheel.

This is something that interests me, I had to stop yesterday and make

an adjustment to the foot peddle, because it was locking up the rear

way too abrupt on some technical downhill stuff, That was rather scary

because anybody knows, on decent, a locked rear wheel is a scary

proposition on a steep rocky down grade/ with a cliff on one side.

So if anybody has pics or description of a hand break Incorporated

in the rear break set up, I sure am open for some ideas, I really dont

want to lose the foot break option, but if there is a duel set up, I

would be greatful if someone had some info how its done.

Second question, The seller has yet to send me all the manuals on this bike

so Im not sure on how to make jetting adjustments,

Are they done by needle highth settings? ..or is there a main located in the

bowl I may need to buy some main jets, reason for asking, A person on

another board said the bike sounded lean in the video.

I pulled the plug, its borderline tan/white in color, the tail pipe is rather sooty

So, if I have one of those temp laser guns, what tempeture should I be

looking at on the head, cylinder, radiator? Again, I dont have the books

yet, I sure hate to burn this thing up

Any help much appreciated in advanced

Wayne Nosala

Mojave CA

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Thanks, I just noticed there is a pretty comprehensive thread here on jetting for

these 200s, I spent some time on it last night



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I also have an 06 and I love mine. I've adjusted the height of my break pedal at least a half dozen times,and I still don't have it set exactly where I want it. Could that be part of the problem you are having? My pedal was way too high when I bought it used. Not sure if it came that way or if the previous owner set it up that way,but it sucked. Felt like I had to take my foot of the peg to get on the brake,and when I did get over it,I found it hard to modulate. There is a wide range for adjustment though.

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welcome to the 200 club! I love my 07 so much my buddy down the street just bought one too...BTW:s nice back yard!

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Great video of your playground!! I hear ya on the back brakes even more now that I got a view of your riding area. I used to ride in the CA mountains/deserts and you needed all your controls just so. Reminds me I need to adjust MY back brake on my new-to-me KTM. thanks.

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Hey thanks guys for the replies, The video stuff, if you look at my account

there are a few, the following is one of my favs, these little GoPro are awesome

products Its not bike, but I have a few other toys here

The camera does not pick up the rough terrain very well, this is a twisty

sand wash very near my place

The break thing, I just recently sold a KTM 530, believe me when I tell ya

I miss that bike:cry:

But I dont recall the 530 having such an aggressive rear break, It

could be the fact that bike is about 50 lbs heavier, Heck I dont know

All I do know, from past experience owning many different bikes, if you

are not paying attention when you tap that rear, you are sitting

in the dirt wondering what the hell just happened:smirk:


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since you like around sand, that 530 must have been good (lot'sa torque for sand washes, hills, etc. Well at least you have a cool bike now; I also have an '06 200.

Guess I didn't notice the too-touchy rear brake, however I DID adjust it down farther which helped.

Not sure how your bike's jetted, but I can tell you my setup (I bought my bike new in late '06)

45 pilot

#6 slide (stock is 6.5)

Sudco DCJ needle #3 position (cooler weather)

Sudco DDK needle #3 position (summer/hot weather)

185 main jet

PV set to approx "Langston" setting

Gnarly pipe

These '06's have big 38mm carbs, ('07 and newer 36mm carbs)

That seems to give these little motors a more mx-style top-end powerband, so my settings helped shift a bit more power to lower RPM's.

Have fun riding your 200!

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You can get a digital copy of all your manuals for free from your KTM shop. All you need is a little flash drive. You take it to your KTM shop and they will load it with the manuals for you. I had to do this to get the manuals for my 06' 250sx. I couldn't get them off the KTM website, My bike is to old.

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since you like around sand, that 530 must have been good

That bike was awesome in the sand washes, I was with a group of

riders about a year or so ago, I was leading, we did about 10 miles

of sand wash, I stopped, nobody was behind me.

By far, I am no pro at riding these things, and I was not even trying

to play ricky racer, but the pack caught up and they all said, Dam

we none could keep up! LOL

So long story short, the 530 has the pwer to haul the mail in the sand for sure

Just before that I had a stock XR400, and I could barely keep that thing

up in the sand, it was a plow, handled horrible, and had a habit of following

the other tracks in a wash, It made for quite a fight to ride, Boy that 530

was night and day, The 200 does pretty darn good in the sand as well, so

im pretty happy with the 200 for now

The manual thing, a local mechanic has already sent me some files, I need to

open and review some of that stuff



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