450 yfz to yzf???

A buddy of mine has a 05 yzf450. His right side case broke when his bike seized up. His kickstarter pretty much fell off. The break was just infront of the kick starter. He has a extra 04 YFZ bottom end. Can he use the YFZ bottom end and bolt up the cylinder and head to it? Any idea what mod needs to be done to get the kickstarter back over to the right side. The case has a plastic hole where it would normally go. Any thoughts would be great.

The YFZ may look very similar, and in fact is to the extent that some stuff will interchange, but no, that plan won't work. The crankcases are very different, and would require the use of the YFZ flywheel and stator even if they would bolt into the YZ frame, which they won't, because the hard points are different.

And the engine is not really a 450, either. The crank is a shorter stroke, for a total of 439cc instead of 449. The gearboxes won't interchange, either. The top end could be swapped, but that's about all. The right crankcase cover may fit, but I wouldn't bet on that either.

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