Tower City PA trip tomorrow September 28th.

Tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn, myself and a friend are going up to Tower city Penn. We are going with some other members of this forum, it should be fun! I've seen some recent pics and postings of the area, all I can say is it seems like going to be a blast! From what I've seen othere then some steep coal mining hills it doesn't seem like the difficulty level is to high. I'm compairing it to hayfield & macoy trails in West Virginia, which was nice but at times very rocky depending on the trails selected.

Weatcher permitting it should be on a scale of FUN-to-Very FUN.

See you there around 11-12am


we have a group going from md pa n nj meeting at 9:30 am couple of xr650rs xr 600 some wrs and xr400 maybe we will se you there John

Howdy East Coast riders! I just got a new bike today and found this forum to boot! Going riding at the "butt crack" of dawn out here myself with some seasoned BRP riders. It should be interesting to ride this bike corked and and then ride again next weekend UNCORKED. My old bike was a well worn but trusty CR480. Now I have the real ma coy


Late last night we desided to cancle the trip to PA due to a "flood" watch in that area, and a freeking inch of predicted rain! :D Bummer!!!

Anyways I get up this morning and it's sunny outside down here in Maryland. I think the weather in PA turned out better then the Weather GODS predicted.

Stuck riding "local" today!

I hate when that happens...


Heheeeee made the 160 mile journy to towercity woowhoo no rain but it was wettt...... great day of riding to bad you missed it :)

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