Delo vs. rotella t

Which oil do you guys prefer?

I would never, ever run either of those in a four stroke motorcycle engine or transmission.

I've ran rotella T before and didn't have a problem with it. I mainly run amsoil though, but everyone has they're opinion. I know plenty of people who use rotella though because its cheap and you can get it at walmart

I ran delo 400 for years in my wood bikes. It holds up great and never have issues with it. Never dabled in rotella.

Oh no..... :) Just when I considered swapping over to Rotella in the bike.... :lol: Delo and Rotella oils have been great in my trucks though....

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I've used Rotella T in my 4-strokes since 2001. It is the oil that Rekluse says to use for their clutches. Good stuff! Anybody that says otherwise hasn't done the research.

The oil is also JASO approved. That is an acronym that stands for "The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization." Among other things, they set standards for oil to be used in motorcycles.

Shell Rotella T 15W-40 conventional oil now lists on its packaging JASO MA as one of the specifications it meets, as does the Rotella website product page.

Rotella. I switched over to it a while back. Had zero issues. It is cheap. readily available, and used in conjunction with my stainless steel oil filters I can change it every weekend.

Yes...Yes I do.At least once a weekend ride, sometimes twice.

I'm like you Darrel. My weekend rides are very short and I change my oil prob every 2.5 hours. I'm gonna give rotella a's worked great in my diesel pickups.

Oh no!!!! The popular rotella discussion....I've used it before, but don't use it now. I never had any problems with it, but if you do use it, change it often.

In Aus, we dont have Rotella, but Shell Rimula-X instead. Delo 400 we do have.

I get slightly more progressive and predictable clutch feel/grab and slightly improved shifting with Delo 400. I have a Rekluse zstart-pro and I play the clutch manually in most slow turns, but I get very little clutch wear. Replaced fibers and basket at about 220 hrs.

So I like Delo 400 if I have a choice. But Rimula-X is fine.

I've done 310 hrs on my original bottom end and cams. I dont rev it often but it gets plenty of work. About 290 of those hrs on these two oils.

rotella in my 4 strokes both sides, and my 2 stroke trannys, and in my bmw

MegaDeth, Do you use the dino (15/40 wt.) or a synthetic in the 2 stroke tranny? How is the shifting?


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t6 in everything, shifting is great, I have autoclutch's in all my bikes

I see, I would sure like to experience one of the auto's one of these days

Running Rotella T 5W40, old Blue Bottles. Still have 1 gallon left. I think the new stuff is called Rotella T6.

2002-2005 YZ250F

2006-current KX450F

KX65, RM85

Zero issues.

I use Rotella for yrs in all my new bikes KX450s and never had any problems f course I change oil every 3 hrs

I stopped using it when it decreased the zddp content and was classified by a CJ rating.

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