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Front end geometry

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I've read a few posts on here detailing the different USD forks and clamps that will fit a DRZ along with what offset you end up with.

I've got hold of a pair of SM 47mm USD forks and clamps to fit to my e, the legs need new seals and are in pretty poor condition.

What I was pondering was, where do the differing offsets come from? Is it the yokes, the axle position in the bottom lugs or a combination of both?

If I bought a pair of RM legs and fit them to the SM yokes, I could use the standard size front disc on the offroad wheels and my 320mm disc on the SM wheels, rather than buy a 310mm and have to use that on both sets of wheels.

Anyone hazzard a guess what the offset would be with RM forks in DRZ-SM yokes?

Cheers :lol:

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Off-set is "trail". Anything that moves the axle forward or aft affects trail. Triple clamp and axle position both affect trail. Raising or lowering the steering head affects both rake and trail. No guess on geometry using SM yokes and RM forks.

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