Radiator Scoops For WR - What's the Scoop?

Needed some new scoops for my WR426 01, and got some Acerbics from the local shop the guy said would fit. They were marked for a YZ, however he said they were the same ones. They fit terrible! Did the guy screw up, or can I alter these to make them fit right. Hate to go buy OEM just for plastic. Any of you guys that have bought new scoops, give me the scoop-Suggestions PLEASE!

hey you might check www.acerbis.com for the

part no. hopefully you havent tossed the plastic wrapping yet. :)

You probably have the early scoops, '98-99, which have a different mount at the radiator.

All the YZ shrouds are different than WR's. The WR radiator is wider, and doesn't have the angled fron bolt arrangement.

All other YZ plastic fits the WR except the shrounds. Sorry!

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