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Supercross Bagget SX testing & PC riders on which coast?

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I'm at work right now so I can't post a direct link but I figured I would post about it to let people know. On the front page of Vitalmx.com theres a video of Blake Bagget practicing SX and he looks like he is hauling some serious ass. Make you wonder what Ol Mitch is thinking about as to which coast to put his riders for SX. I've heard KTM is going balls to the walls and they have Roczen and Musquin on the West. Thats a stacked team for sure, the west is gonna be tough with both of them in it. What do you guys think?

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I think Musquin could be a top three guy without injuries, but I'm not sure he's quite the threat to win a title just yet. Maybe in a year or two.

Roczen is a different story, and won the Vegas west coast race last year with minimal supercross experience. He'll definitely be a contender if he can keep it on two wheels. He got a great confidence boost from that, as well as winning the World Championship this year.

I still think Barcia will be the man to beat on whichever coast he rides. He really stepped up on the 450, and has ridden pretty strongly in a few off-season races as well.

The PC boys will be right there also.

It should be a pretty good 250 season.

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