steering dampers on 10-12

i am just curious as to what guys with the new bikes are runnin for steering dampers? if any. i rode a buddy's 10 crf250 with one steering seemed pretty smooth. i am just wondering if anyone uses the honda oem damping? or scotts, or any other steering damper company? i know theres a thread about someone who use the honda oem, and saw that applied has the mounting hardware for the honda damper designed into their clamps. is this a good set-up? i ride strictly mx/sx, and my bike handles good now, but been thinking about some new triple clamps nd saw on ebay honda dampers look pretty cheap these days. thanks guys for any input:ride:

I use a Scotts on my '06. It's a design far superior to the Honda damper. Because of the way the Honda damper is mounted, it has very little effect on steering stability near the centered position, increasing resistance progressively as the bars turn farther. That may appeal to some, but I like the Scotts approach better. The Scotts damper for dirt bikes also only damps as the wheel moves away from center in either direction, allowing the free return to the middle point, and it's adjustable for low and high speed deflection, and for sweep.

I have a scotts on my 2010. I'm pretty happy with it track and trail. Still need to do some tweaking for my riding style, ability, and terrain but I feel its a worthwhile addition to the bike.

I have a Scott's damper on my '10. I hate riding without it. My riding is all pretty fast desert riding, though. I just bought the Scotts bar mount system and moved the damper from my '06 to my '10.

I ran a Scotts on my '11 and it worked really well. I then tried it with a GPR and it seemed to work better. I have always used a Scotts in the past and liked it because felt that it wasn't as noticeable when riding, and I prefer the Scotts on a 2st (lighter steering feel). I was using the Fastway system where I could run either damper type, same frame clamp worked for both dampers. The GPR seemed to give the bike a little more planted feeling, especially in rough corners. There are more adjustments with the Scotts (both HS and LS as well as sweep) so it's a nice unit, but even after fine-tuning them both I prefered the GPR on the '11 450.

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