First ride today with YZ seat and tank (WR426)

After having the seat and tank fitted for a while now, I finally had time to get out for a ride today. To get to my local riding spot, I have about 2km's of asphalt to ride before I hit the dirt, and the first thing I noticed was my inner thighs were really cold. I looked down, and saw that my legs were about an inch or so off the tank, whereas before they were hard up against the WR tank. When I hit the dirt, the first corner came up, and I slid forward and threw my leg out toward the front of the bike. I reckon I just about jammed my boot in the front wheel :), this set-up is awesome :D It took me a while to get used to my new-found freedom, I can actually move around now. The bike is sooooooo much better to ride, I can't believe how much better I can turn this thing now. If anyone is considering doing it, DO IT. :D

YEA WHAT HE SAID!!!!!!all kidding aside it did wonders for my wifes wr250!!Like a new bike!! :D:)

As I have said in the past if I could do only one mod to the WR this would be it. Enjoy!! :)

YZ tank for sale

It was on my '98 wr400 when I bought it.

Make an offer :)

ditto on the (99) YZ tank for sale, along w/ shrouds, One Industries graphics (GREAT SHAPE) , along w/ the matching graphic YZ seat, either whole or cover alone (the whole seat does make more sense to me).

Fits 98 / 99

Yep... Great mod to do.. I have found that the more I scoot forward of the bike the better I can turn..

Have fun.... :)

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