07 WR450F what do you all think

That's a nice clean bike and I will bet he gets more than $3,000 for it. You can offer anything you like but might be hard to find one that clean and it might sell quickly.

ya if it were in los angeles it would be gone already, the only thing i have going for me is that its pretty far from major cities so i dunno. thanks

That's the going rate. I got my looped-out one for $2200.00

I'd be surprised if he'd take $2500. He might even get close to asking if it is as clean as it seems.


I really need to get rid of it any decent offer will be considered.

It kind of sounds like he's desperate for money right now, so you may be suprised what he'll take for it. If $2500 is what you have then it can't hurt to ask, and see what he counters with. Some may consider it low balling though for a bike in that condition. Of course, some bikes look better in pics then close up!

I think 3500 would be a reasonable price if it is what it is claimed to be. $2500 would be a down right steal.:lol:

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