Best source for plastic?

I want to change my rear Dur-R fender for a YZ. Who has the best looking plastic. I want something to match the quality and shine of stock.


Bill :)


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Bill, the OEM stuff is very reasonably priced.

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Hey Bill!

There are several sources for replacement plastic, and some are thicker and better made than the OEM's. I'd check out UFO and Acerbis. I have dealt with Acerbis personally, and have been impressed with their products. You can buy replacement plastic online from them at their website at

The Yamaha Site is great---BUT it also says that the dealer sets his own prices.Is there a way of mailordering on that site that I didn't see?????

<font color="navy">FYI, I've had nothing but bad luck with UFO products. The plastic compound they use is no good. I would stick with OEM or Acerbis products.



I second the opinion on the UFO products. The front fenders have sloppy fit and finish, PLUS, there are no bushing inserts to strengthen the mounting points. I had to drill out the holes to accept the stock bushings before I mounted them. What a hassle! I could have mounted them sans the bushing, but I would have sacrificed strength.

Acerbis is much better in quality and for the same price as UFO...and MUCH less than stock. If you shop around, you can actually get them cheaper than the Acerbis site. Hey, for about $140, you get the entire set of plastic. That's pretty damn good in my book!

Acerbis has full plastic kits for the YZ426F, 2000-2001 for $120 bucks from their website, and this includes shipping and handling.

What about black?

Kevin, I got black front and rear fenders and silver side pannels from Acerbis through Parts Unlimited



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I had Acerbis plastic on my bike when you saw it. Fit and finish is excellent. The YZ kit's rear shrouds are much thinner than the WR, but you have to remove the coolant tank to make them fit. I think I paid $110 for the whole kit, but it didn't come with the number plate (which you already have :)

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