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Modernizing a 1997 Kx125

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here is my 1997 kx125 i have redone


I already bolted up a spair fender of my 2009 kx250f and i think it makes the bike look a lot meaner. but i have been looking for some graphics and cant find any for a 97. i dont wana spend $150+ on custom graphics for a bomber class race bike. could i use any shrouds and such of a newer kx125? like a 2002 or such cause if found graphics for those.

thanks. or if u know where i can get some nice graphics for the 1997 shrouds let me know

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Just check Ebay. 94-98 graphics fit.

You can't use 99-02 shrouds because they integrate into the side panels. I've seen some people put 03-07 shrouds on but looks a little hack, and the new shrouds look real similar to the ones you already have.

You should be able to find some decent shroud graphics for $30-50.

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