2000 426 info needed-(400 head)

soo i ordered a head off ebay and it shows up and the cylinder reads 399cc and im sure its a 400 head aswell..now will the 400 head be a down grade in power on my 426????and the nipple on the side of the intake????? i never noticed it on my 426 head witch i tossed cause somthin very bad happined lol..can anyone give me any and all info for this set up? as far as gaskets and if diffrent size cam chain is needed? thanks guys

The nipple next to the intake is for the old 400s hotstart valve. Just block it if the rest fits :lol: dont know what was made around on the two engines other the clutch, carb and the bigger jug..

I thought the small end of the rod was different on the 400 vs 426? Hopefullly it fits.

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