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Fracture collarbone/clavicle; timetable for return?

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I broke my collarbone exactly one month ago. Doctor said no riding for 10-12 weeks? I've never heard of a collarbone keeping someone out that long before. The collarbone did actually break it was a fracture so the bone didn't displace or anything. As of this week I started running again and im getting a slight ammount of soreness and stiffness but nothing really painful. I get sharp pain every now and then when I move a certain way but im sure thats normal. My question is if my xrays look ok when I get them in 2 weeks do I really have to wait another 4-6 weeks to hop back on the bike? Guess im just looking for a second opinion. I can post xrays if needed. Also I really got no instuctions for icing the shoulder so ive just been icing it every day for 20 minutes at a time. Also is there any kind of Physical Therapy I can do for this injury? Thanks

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