foot pegs

all,as i was lookin thru chapparal cat. i was wondering about those wider footpegs or those weld on pegs.any pros/cons?i like to ride more motocross,than desert.any opinions?

I had IMS Pro Series pegs on my old CR and the extra width really made a difference. That is until the right side peg snapped off! I don't know why the peg broke, but I do know I will never buy any IMS footpegs again. I think wider pegs are well worth the money though. I would just stay away from IMS Pro Series.


I've had really good luck with the SS Fastway Pegs with the adjustible set screws. I stand up lots more with the wider platform. I wore out my stock pegs on a 2000 yz 426 and really never considered the wider pegs as something I wanted. I'll never go back to stock width pegs. I ride mild Motocross and Fast Cross Country terrain.

The only complaint I have is that the threaded holes weren't fully threaded and I had to chase them with a tap. I called and emailed Fastway and never heard a freakin peep from them. I'm sure other companies have better service than Fastway.


I have DSP's wide pegs and love them. It took a few rides to get use to the additional width...missed a lot of shifts, but now I wouldn't go back! You can get them in Ti ($199) or SS ($99) ... well worth the money IMO.

I went with the Fastway Ti footpegs about a year ago. I think that I've been suckered into the Ti fad. While the fit was flawless, I think the weight savings was far from being cost effective since I'm not a fast pro. I also had to spend quite a bit of time grinding the cleats to a sharper point to prevent my boots from slipping when it's muddy.

I bought the Ti DSP pegs...I fell into that Ti fad too!....but they look so cool! I wouldn't spend the extra $'s again for the weight savings...this is low weight. It is more importmant to lose the weight up high. IMO.

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