Hole in my G-tex pants

Hi guys,

I crashed three hours ago on a very hard packed rocky terrain. :D The original handlebar is gone but that about all for bike dammage. I,m OK, I was all dressed up with the usual knee protection and elbows and roost deflector....

Thanks to my end eng handguards :D. I probably would have two or three fingers broken. I only suffer an all colored and bloody forearm.

The sad thing is that my MSR gore tex pants have an hole on the right knee now :). I was wondering if any of you have suggestions about how I could get it fixed up.

I took a picture after the crash so I'll post it one day.

Ciao and thanks for any advise!

go to a sporting goods store or camping store,they sell sheets of stick on patches.

Put a large patch on the inside and place some small grip sealent on the outside cut or tear to prevent further ripping if torn. :)

First thanks for the advises.

I would like to know what you exactly mean by "small grip sealent". I'm sorry but I have to ask this kind of question sometimes because English is not my native language.

Thank you much!

Would MSR be able to unstitch the piece of the pant that has a whole in it and replace it with original material?

I have no idea about how to contact them. Their website shows no contact address...

Silicone rubber sealant on the cut in the fabric should help seal it from tearing easily again. But you need to patch it on the inside to give it some backing (support). Forget about sending it back for repair. :)

Thank you very much Indy, that helps a lot!

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