wich cams

I own a nice '99 wr 400 but i hate to start it in awkward situation,i mainly ride in wooded area so i want to add a new camshaft with auto decompression like the 2003 450 . My question is, i want to retain low and midrange power...should i go with oem yam wr 2003 cam or buy the Hotcam advertise everywhere on the web.I don't want a hi reving engine with no power down low. Thank you

Buy the Hot cam. Your cam chain will fit the sprocket better. The cam timing will be YZ but you line up the dots on the sprocket just like the OEM manual says to do.

Take your time adjusting the valves, hold the cam weight closed when rolling the cam into position to check the shim clearance or the decomp pin will act like you have no clearance. Don't ask me how long it took me to realize this the first time. The lobes are thinner than stock so the feeler Gage will feel different.

Trust me you will love the low to mid range power

What happens if i change only the exhaust cam to mainly gain the decomp. option!! and keep the oem intake cam!!!

It works great!

hot cams says you wont get all the power but it works as i have seen...

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